Audio Accessory 2022, Winter 187

We just received a new magazine review from Audio Accessory 2022, Winter 187. It’s an overview of our brand and a rather nice one at that.

Audio Accessory are a renowned Japanese publication in High End audio. Here’s an excerpt translated by Google.

“The life of his cable approaching the charm of the cable of Jorma Design depends on ‘accuracy'”

“The most important element in a cable is the ‘precision of manufacture’ rather than the material and structure. Among many high-end cable brands, Jorma Design’s policy of sincerity has become widely known to audiophiles around the world, and has enjoyed high name recognition since its establishment in 2002. It has gained a great deal of trust among audio fans in Japan, and it is said that digital systems such as USB and LAN cables are particularly popular recently. The company’s cables have a wide variety of series, and there should be many people who get lost in choosing. So let’s organize the lineup once more and tell you about its appeal.”