Jorma Phono One review

Here’s a review of Jorma Phono One from Audio Accessory in Japan. 🙏

Translated by Google:

“There are many sounds, and it flows smoothly, giving him the impression of going.  The resolution is also excellent, but it seems that the extracted information is accurately transmitted as sound.  Baroque grows very high and low

So, I will show the natural body itself without any unreasonable stress.  The string ensemble is precise and the flute has a variety of expressions.  I feel the gorgeousness of sake.

The piano has a clear touch and a rich sense of volume, and the bass part sinks deeply, giving a high sense of stability.  And in both the forte and the low-pitched part, each note has a nuance and he rides finely.  I would also like to note the depth of the sound field and the accuracy of the position.

The orchestra is also rich in space and has a presence that makes each piece of music visible.  The high resolution that does not become turbid even at high volume is also useful.  It is a fine, precise and highly pure sound.  It is a colourful and fresh reproducibility.”