New model: Jorma Paragon Power

Introducing Jorma Paragon Power, the flagship product of our new top-tier series: Jorma Paragon.

This innovative power cable features 4mm² copper conductors for stable power supply and an advanced dielectric to minimise interference, ensuring pristine signal clarity. With a triple-layer shield, it effectively dampens electrical, radio, and magnetic fields for unrivalled protection.

Inspired by nuclear power technology, Jorma Paragon Power utilises advanced conductor materials for noise suppression, delivering unparalleled clarity and definition.

Custom connectors from Furutech optimise power transition for maximum performance, while cryogenic treatment strengthens the conductor metal structure, enabling stunning power bursts without adding noise.

Our rigorous testing confirms that Jorma Paragon Power sets a new standard for our power cables. We’re thrilled to launch the Jorma Paragon series with this exceptional power cable and look forward to showcasing it at High End Munich 2024.