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Jorma Power

Filter Plug

Control that you can hear

Power filter Plugs is a series of three filters designed to reduce the unwanted noise inherent in your electricity supply. By cleaning your mains system, this reduces resonance factors that can pollute the sound, offering valuable protection to sensitive, high specification hi-fi equipment.

The dream team

The basic principles of Power Filter plugs are to reduce noise created by the mains power supply and prevent hardware damage. There are three models, each designed with a specific aim. The Booster is a high magnitude noise reducer, damping a wide frequency range. The Fine Grade Filter is tailored to reduce resonant high frequency noise. And the Resonance Damper targets the mains resonances and noise-deriving free floating leads in the mains network.


All plugs feature high-spec over-voltage protection to reduce the risk of surge hardware damages, eliminating pops, noise and other unwanted sounds resulting from an uneven mains voltage.

1. Booster
2. Fine Grade Filter
3. Resonance Damper

Coming soon

Power Filter Plugs will be available soon.

technical specifications

All Unity cables

Insulation material conductors

PTFE noncoloured

Conductor material

Copper with purity 99.999999%


Multi-threaded with ceramic fibre filler

Crimping sleeves material


Shielding material

Tin-plated copper

Jacket outer insulation

Halogen-free Polyurethane

Braided sleeve


Speaker cables (Single wire)


2 x 3mm2

Conductors 1.0 mm2

3 pcs

Shielding * without lead wire part

4 mm2, 95% effective on RFI and EMI

Unbalanced RCA interconnects


2 x 1.0mm2

Conductors 1.0mm2



4mm2, 95% effective on RFI and EMI

Balanced XLR interconnects


3 x 1.0mm2

Conductors 1.0mm2



4mm2, 95% effective on RFI and EMI

“… an utterly natural and organic delivery that is entirely free from 
edginess or hardness.”

Christiaan Punter – Owner of

Filter Reference
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