Jorma Power

Distortion is the enemy

Our cables reduce distortion by shielding your signal from unwanted frequencies, but your mains supply is a source of distortion itself. Jorma Power is the serious end of protection for your high end system, with products to reduce distortion, increase resonance damping and clean unwanted noise from your mains electricity.

Clean sound

Power Filter Reference cleans up your supply, removing noise and direct current to protect your hifi system and Power Filter Plugs reduce unwanted noise from your mains supply, increasing resonance reduction. Without this, sound can be harsh, boomy and inconsistent.

Filter Reference

Power Filter Reference has a DC-blocker preventing boomy bass and mechanical hum from large transformers. High frequency ripple cancellation substantially lowers noise floor and sibilance in any hi-fi device. And three separate filtered zones allow your entire system to be shielded from mains irregularities and interference between mutual hifi components.


The Booster is designed to provide a garage-sized backdoor for superimposed and unwanted noise on the mains and is primarily concerned with unwanted high-frequency noise.

Fine Grade Filter

The Fine Grade Filter is a sophisticated filter design with more flexible and tailored multi-frequency passage to ground.

Resonance Damper

The Resonance Damper reduces radio frequency interference (RFI), discharging high-frequency noise and reducing sound pollution.

Music as it should be

A mains supply free from distortion and surges means more faithful music reproduction. Music is smoother, more pleasant and closer to the original studio recording.

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