New model: Jorma Paragon Power

Introducing Jorma Paragon Power, the flagship product of our new top-tier series: Jorma Paragon. This innovative power cable features 4mm² copper conductors for stable power supply and an advanced dielectric to minimise interference, ensuring pristine signal clarity. With a triple-layer shield, it effectively dampens electrical, radio, and magnetic fields for […]

Jorma Ground review in Audio Accessory

We have received a review from the people at Audio Accessory in Japan. This time it’s for our ground cable, which was a special request from our Japanese market. “The correct and delicious tightness and atmosphere are so good that you can follow the movement of the player with your […]

Protecting authenticity

We pride ourselves on the expertise of our craftsmen. Each cable is made with skilled hands and a wealth of experience by our team in Sweden. To protect the authenticity of our product, we are rolling out a security system. All new shipments from 2023 will include an NFC tag […]

Audio Accessory 2022, Winter 187

We just received a new magazine review from Audio Accessory 2022, Winter 187. It’s an overview of our brand and a rather nice one at that. Audio Accessory are a renowned Japanese publication in High End audio. Here’s an excerpt translated by Google. “The life of his cable approaching the […]

Jorma USB Reference and Ethernet review

HiFi Advice (HFA) spent some time with our Jorma USB Reference and Jorma Ethernet and have published a very favourable review. Here are some excerpts from that review: “This is a costly cable but it offers a unique proposition with its presentation that is fluid, natural, smooth, and unforced yet […]

World premiere at High End Munich 2022

This year Jorma return to the greatest hifi show, High End Munich 2022. Jorma has built its reputation for dependable shielding in the cable sector for over two decades and now we are launching our first power filter. For us, this is the next step in protecting high end systems. […]

Jorma Phono One review

Here’s a review of Jorma Phono One from Audio Accessory in Japan. 🙏 Translated by Google: “There are many sounds, and it flows smoothly, giving him the impression of going.  The resolution is also excellent, but it seems that the extracted information is accurately transmitted as sound.  Baroque grows very high and […]

Jorma Phono One – Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2022

This is the third product this year to receive the Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2022. Jorma Phono One has been recognised for quality, function and performance potential in the market place. Thank you for your kind attention. 01 December 2017 Jorma Duality – Audio Accessory Excellence 2018 Award Duality interconnect […]

Jorma Ethernet Reference – Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2022

Thanks Japan 🇯🇵 for granting Jorma Ethernet Reference the Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2022 (Category: LAN cable). This award is for products that have special recommendation and are expected to perform well in the future. 18 December 2011 Jorma Unity Award – Stereotimes Most Wanted Components 2011 “Jorma Design Unity […]

Jorma USB Reference – Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2022

We are very happy to receive the Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2022 for Jorma USB Reference This commendation is for products that are expected to perform well in the future. Keep an eye on this space. 09 December 2019 Guangzhou High End A video walk through from Guangzhou High End […]